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By Oban, Argyll, PA34 4QY

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Sea Kayaking

The waters around this area are renowned for spectacular sea-kayaking opportunities. The nature of the seascape, with its many islands and sheltered areas means that you can nearly always find somewhere to paddle in all weathers. It’s a wonderful place to learn to paddle and the draw of being able to explore places inaccessible from the land, or have close encounters with wild life is what starts many people on their own kayaking journey. The joy of having dolphins or porpoises playing around your boat, or seals coming up to have a closer look at you, or creeping up on an otter whilst he eats his dinner, having gannets plunge into the water close by, or just enjoying a calm, still day in the sunshine and landing on a remote shore for your lunch… Equally, for those who are more experienced, great names like Dorus Mor, Corryvreckan, Cuan Sound – the area is something of a Mecca! If you have your own boats – great, but please make sure you are properly equipped and experienced enough to deal with what you may find out there.